Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy HollyDog!

My little buddy immortalized on her own ornament. The work of John Pidcoe, an artist who works in various media and a number of styles, from Owego, New York. I'm always surprised and pleased when it survives another year. It heralds an enjoyable trip down memory lane, as we assemble the Christmas tree. Posted by Picasa

Music boxes and tree toppers. Beanie Babies and Gunds. I'm trying to represent all ethnicities, but it is difficult to do here in Elmira. Deep in the heart of nowhere. Note the sweet Inuit angel, seated on the very edge of the crown. Posted by Picasa

At the corner is the angel of the Apocalypse. Gabriel, blow your horn! My first African American angel, and one of my favorites. Posted by Picasa

Two ceramic angels crafted and given to us by a former inlaw. They became the beginning of the collection seen in all our Christmas photos. Posted by Picasa

Note that all ornaments along the bottom are straw, soft sculpture, resin, or other indestructible material. Wiser after some 25 years of children and pets, we are. Posted by Picasa

A glorious angel. The banner reads "Peace on Earth," and it plays music. Can't remember what carol, and it doesn't matter. We rarely play it. It's out of reach. Sort of a silly feature, for us, anyway. Posted by Picasa

So it's a memory tree for me. Without the lights, a little bland at first view. I tear up thinking about all the Christmases it represents. No designer creation for me. This is it. Posted by Picasa

The creche has terra cotta figurines, made in Mexico back in the seventies, I think. They show their age, but were totally available to the girls, who played with them, colored over them in crayon, and chipped them a bit. In other words they were loved and now are cherished. Posted by Picasa

The view from the corner now sports a glimpse into the bay window and our Christmas tree lights. Posted by Picasa

A little closer, from Guinnip. We love our awnings in the summer, but they are a nuisance in the winter. And too much trouble to take down just for aesthetic purposes. Posted by Picasa

In the window, Ellie eagerly awaits Santa's visit. (Actually, she's whining like crazy, because I'm outside and she's not.) Posted by Picasa