Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ready for the Bridal Shower

VeggieGirl and MammaDog in warpaint.
The Minister and the Maidens. The Minister is at left and the maidens are listed in the next frame.
The obligatory lingerie shot. MammaDog surrounded by her maids. From the left, Pappa Dog's sister, Mamma Dog, VeggieGirl, and the Little Blonde Girl from across the street.
That's Grandma of the Bride back there. She still can party with the best of them. Her favorite grandchild is in front.
I can never escape the unblinking eye. This is my shower outfit, from the Dress Barn. It's what all heifers wear these days.
It's only fair to show RJ as Dad. He will, of course, wear a bright, fallish tie. I will also wear a suit: we'll be twinsies!