Saturday, February 04, 2006

Remember this from Pat's Pond?

This was the first sign. Bright sunshine through the window, and our poggie hiding away. Today there's a storm heading our way from the Buffalo area. Husband RJ says it's "milking over" even as we blog! Posted by Picasa

Overdressed? Or Not?

It's the beginning of February and winter has a way of teasing us. Lovely, bright days are cold; gloomy, dark days are warm. What's it going to be? We are out walking while we can. Husband RJ snapped this after a quick stroll around the block. Posted by Picasa

Ready for Cocktails.

Here of course is a more formal shot of our little darling in her niche. Comfortable chair for resting, fireplace for warmth and window seat for growling, snarling and snapping at passersby. Less formal shots here. Posted by Picasa

America, Groundhog--Europe, Hedgehog

This is Kiwi, our hedgie. We took her out for Groundhog day, aka Hedgehog Day in Europe. Or so I'm told. Note the "Greenies". Not interested, I guess. Posted by Picasa

Prickly Poggie

Gosh she sure looks like no fun at all. I think she plain old hibernates during the times we ignore her. Rather more lively shots here. Posted by Picasa

Amazing Amaryllis

This is a lucky shot. Thank heavens Husband RJ got it. By the time I remembered, the stalks were bare, bare, bare! But there will be another blooming soon. They are said to bloom only during the winter. Maybe we can count on it to fill in where Kiwi fails.Posted by Picasa