Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hoglet Holidays

It's cuddly time! Husband RJ shot and cropped these photos, so this is his debut in our Little Pond. Kiwi likes to cuddle, but wants to explore a person first. The smirks in these pics are due to little crawly claws grabbing through my work clothes.

In no particular order... Posted by Picasa

Husband RJ wants a shot of her sweet little face. Sort of like a ferret. Understand that all I can see here is an oriental chestnut sort of creature, with hind legs. Posted by Picasa

The two of us are watching television. Kiwi is soft on the bottom, so she feels lovely on my hand. She likes the caress on the tummy, too. Posted by Picasa

My favorite... Just when seems like the critter wants to meet me close up, it dawns on me she really just wants to jump. Posted by Picasa

Moving up the arm now. It was right after this shoot, we noticed that the hoglet is indeed eating, and creating droppings. Posted by Picasa