Saturday, July 29, 2006

No evidence of the past week's vandalism that could have easily wiped out a lesser business. Let's hope the American flag won't be shamed again by what was likely teenagers being stupid. Posted by Picasa

A small sampling of local encouragement greets the would-be diners just inside the front door. Posted by Picasa

Waiter calculates a check near some pretty exotic fish pics on glass. Posted by Picasa

Must be a famous pagoda over these diners. Note the "skylight" fakes left from Ponderosa Steak House. Posted by Picasa

Big buffet presided over by a large photo of Hong Kong at night. Posted by Picasa

Pretty pandas are just part of the glass menagerie. Posted by Picasa

A full parking lot is the best revenge. Just before noon the place is already full. Posted by Picasa